The name WRENCH stems from the definition of the tool, which is used to provide grip and mechanical advantage in applying torque to turn objects. We focus on the nuts and bolts of a business and create substantial improvements by immersing ourselves within. We understand the importance of proper fittings within a business, and believe success stems from careful research. We work as a team, as we believe better answers come from supportive collaboration. We always put our client’s interest ahead of our own, delivering more value than expected.


Intellectual Property

Wrench Advisors maintains ownership stakes in companies with strong intellectual property portfolios.

Corporate Turnaround

A successful turnaround requires experienced professionals who recognize the urgency of the required changes, and can swiftly and efficiently put into place those necessary and sometimes difficult changes.    


Crafting and implementing strategic planning is as critical to turning around a failing company, as is for managing a fast-growing enterprise. Wrench Advisors provides strategic planning at the business unit

Business Development

Wrench has a distinguished reputation for structuring finance, distribution, and product marketing deals that will help accelerate a company’s growth. Wrench has the experience, has the preeminent relationships, and has

Sales and Marketing

Our marketing and sales consultants can help your organization plan and execute programs by leveraging Wrench’s access to high-level executives and global distribution channels.            

Management Consulting

Wrench consulting practice provides world-class expertise in a broad range of disciplines for companies that are experiencing rapid growth, need interim management solutions or later stage executive management, or simply

Mergers and Acquisitions

Wrench has over 25 years of M&A experience in the US, Europe and Pacific Rim. Our experienced M&A consultants have the expertise and relationships necessary to help your organization identify and gain


Wrench corporate finance consultants have a broad range of experience across a diverse array of industries. Our expert legal team and consultants work with you to develop and implement a


Wrench Advisors has a team with extensive experience in Corporate Governance. With a strong emphasis on enterprise value preservation, Wrench advisors are experienced in matters of governance.